Robert Royce (R-PA) serves as the senior Senator from Pennsylvania and later the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, succeeding Jack Moseley in 2003.


During President Bartlet's first term, Royce is a self-ascribed moderate Pennsylvania Republican Member of Congress, who helps prevent a veto override by Republicans to repeal the Estate ("Death") Tax, expressing his concern that the GOP has abandoned the "sensible center".

As Senate Majority Leader, Royce participates in the vetting process for the Vice President of the United States after the resignation of John Hoynes, expressing approval of U.S. Rep. Bob Russell (D-CO) for the position after the Colorado congressman's name was pushed into consideration by Speaker Haffley.

Royce was briefly considered - and lobbied heavily - for the vice presidential nomination under U.S. Sen. Arnold Vinick (R-CA) in 2006, but was not selected. He later discussed with Sheila Brooks the possibility of running for President in 2010 although he was realistic about his chances of winning the nomination.


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