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I would never let you not let me protect the President
—To Toby[src]

Ron Butterfield is the head of the Presidential Detail for the Secret Service during both of President Josiah Bartlet's terms and for President Santos.


Butterfield is wounded during the shooting in Virginia, receiving a bullet in his hand. Despite the fact that his hand is bleeding, he refuses to be treated for the wound until after President Bartlet has been secured within George Washington Hospital, including overriding an earlier order from the President to go to the hospital to look after his hand before they realise the President has been injured.

Butterfield orders the limo to head to GW Hospital after he discovers the President is wounded. Butterfield later prevents Toby releasing a memo written by the Communications Director which would have shown that the lack of the 'tent' was the result of direct White House instruction, and not any kind of failure on the part of the Secret Service.


  • His actions during the assassination attempt are based on real-life Secret Service agent Jerry Parr, who pushed President Ronald Reagan into his limo during an assassination attempt in 1981.
  • Despite Butterfield's assertion that the canopy-protection wasn't a critical protection tool, FBI Agent Casper still jeers at Sam Seaborn regarding this matter as though it would've been crucial.