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Santos/McGarry for a Brighter America was the 2006 presidential campaign for the Democratic Party. Its candidate was Representative Matthew Santos from Texas, and his running mate was former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Labor Leo McGarry from Illinois. In the Democratic presidential primary election, 2006 Democratic primaries, the campaign was known simply as "Matthew Santos for President".

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A Strong Economy: Every American should have the opportunity to work and succeed. I believe that our nation is stronger when we create jobs here, not ship them overseas. I believe in rewarding the middle-class with tax breaks rather than ever-expanding credit-card bills. We can work together to create the jobs of tomorrow – to fulfill the promise of the American Dream.

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Matt Santos speaking at a rally

A Secure Nation: America was born of a far-flung idea: that truly free people could and would govern themselves with peace. Today, America works to promote that same ideal around the world. I will strive to preserve a strong and safe country, one that leads but also lends a hand to neighbors in need. We can accomplish this by building a strong military and maintaining an even stronger sense of diplomacy.

A Better Education: Education is the foundation of our country's future, and I believe that every child should be given the chance to flourish in our schools. Every school should have access to necessary resources; every classroom should be guided by a great teacher. From the availability of Head Start and after-school programs to the affordability of college, our children should be able to make the most of their potential. []


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While not officially the start of the Santos Campaign, its beginnings hail to an incident in 2005. As Congressman Matt Santos settled on a decision to retire from Congress, he walked away from his Patient's Bill of Rights, opting to join a similar bill on the Republican side and successfully making major revisions to it to gain considerable Democratic support. Throughout the process, Josh Lyman acting as the White House liason tryed to push Santos into continuing to work on his original legislation. However, upon realizing the effect of Congressman Santos' changes, Josh recognized the genius of Santos' decision and started petitioning the Congressman to remain in government.

Shortly thereafter, Senator Arnold Vinick of California announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President. His first press conference impressed several staffers in the White House for his skill and intelligence, greatly concerning Josh about whether the Democrats had a candidate that could beat him. This was further compounded when Governor Baker of Pennsylvania, the front runner despite being undeclared, officially declared that he would not run for President due to his, "promise to the people of Pennsylvania", which is a smokescreen for his true reason, his personal friendship with Senator Vinick. This left Vice President Bob Russell and former Vice President John Hoynes as the front runners. Josh had already been asked by both campaigns to join them as the campaign manager but Josh indicated that he didn't want to be a part of either campaign going as far as telling Will Bailey "I don't want Bob Russell to be President".

Leo McGarry encouraged Josh to find someone he could support and to run that person as Leo had done with Jed Bartlet. Josh instantly thought of Santos and flew to Houston to speak with the Congressman over the Christmas holidays to ask the Congressman to run in time for the New Hampshire filing deadline. The following week, Santos agreed to Josh's proposal under the condition that Josh became his campaign manager - a deal that, with encouragement from Leo, Josh accepted.

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The campaign had a rocky start. While Josh tried to run Santos like he would run a normal campaign, the Congressman had his own ideas about what a campaign should be. He immediately began discussing an education plan with voters in New Hampshire that would increase the days in the school year from 180 to 240 and remove tenure for teachers. With New Hampshire having no income tax and an underfunded education program, most residents were opposed to these ideas as they didn't feel this could be afforded. These problems were further compounded when a quote surfaced of that Santos had made 8 years earlier criticizing New Hampshire being the first to vote.

As this was going on, Josh felt a need to create a question about Bob Russell's legitimacy as the natural successor to the Bartlet administration and began looking for a way to imply that Santos has the support of the Bartlet family. Initially, he tried to have Doug Westin, Bartlet's son-in-law who was running for Congress in New Hampshire's first district, to do a campaign stop with them. This, however, backfired when Westin criticized Santos at the stop for his so-called Mayflower Quote, to the fury of both his wife and father-in-law. However, Santos' decision to discuss Education made it the first issue of the Primaries and impressed several members of the Bartlet family including the President who offered them some free statistics and Liz Bartlet, Westin's wife, who donated the maximum amount to the Santos campaign, becoming the first major contributor to their campaign and having a member of the Bartlet family on the public list of campaign donors.


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