Season 1 of The West Wing began on September 22, 1999 on NBC. It was created by Aaron Sorkin and executive produced by Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme and John Wells.

The show was a popular and critical hit, finishing 27th overall in viewers and winning nine Emmy awards. The season was released on DVD on November 18, 2003.


A year and a half into his first term, President Josiah Bartlet is finding himself stalled. His staff is restless, unable to pass legislation on the hill. To make matters worse, his Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman has just insulted the Religious Right on a national television program. As Bartlet and his staff work together to pass legislation through back channels and dealmaking, Bartlet decides to finally make a stand and attempts to get Roberto Mendoza appointed to The Supreme Court.

While Bartlet is able to get Mendoza on the bench, he still finds himself stuck in neutral until a rousing speech from White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry gets Bartlet to focus on the issues instead of re-election. A few short weeks later, as President Bartlett is leaving a successful speech, shots are fired on him and his staff, with the Secret Service wondering who had been shot.


  1. Pilot
  2. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
  3. A Proportional Response
  4. Five Votes Down
  5. The Crackpots and These Women
  6. Mr. Willis of Ohio
  7. The State Dinner
  8. Enemies
  9. The Short List
  10. In Excelsis Deo
  11. Lord John Marbury
  12. He Shall, from Time to Time...
  13. Take Out the Trash Day
  14. Take This Sabbath Day
  15. Celestial Navigation
  16. 20 Hours in L.A.
  17. The White House Pro-Am
  18. Six Meetings Before Lunch
  19. Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
  20. Mandatory Minimums
  21. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
  22. What Kind of Day Has It Been?


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Recurring Cast

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