Season 3 was the third season of The West Wing. It consisted of twenty-one regular episodes and two special episodes. The first of these, Isaac and Ishmael, was created in the wake of the tragedy of 9/11 and served as the series opener after being written and filmed in two weeks.

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Despite his concealing a serious illness from the American people, President Bartlet will run again, and he intends to win.

It may not be that simple. First, his decision causes serious friction with his wife, Abbey, who had made the President promise to only serve one term. Next, a team of election consultants led by Bruno Gianelli clashes with the idealistic and resentful staffers. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives begin their probe into the cover-up of Bartlet's illness, with both Donna and Leo finding themselves in sticky situations. To end it all, Bartlet is forced to make a difficult decision.

The staffers' personal lives are not any less complicated, either. Josh finds himself drawn to woman's activist Amy Gardener while Toby confronts the President about his sacrificing of political ideals in order to be liked, which causes a rift between them. Sam is confronted by several challenges, including having to deal with his ex-fiance and a betrayal by a friend that hurts him deeply and embarasses him publicly.

Finally, C.J. recieves a death threat after making pointed comments about Saudi Arabia, threats so serious that they require the protection of the Secret Service.

The President is forced to make a deadly decision when it is uncovered that a foreign diplomoat is also a terrorist that has plans to attack the U.S.


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# Title Writer Director Notes
0 300 Isaac and IshmaelAaron SorkinChristopher Misiano
1 301 Manchester (Part I)Aaron SorkinThomas Schlamme
2 302 Manchester (Part II)Aaron SorkinThomas Schlamme
3 303 Ways and MeansTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie and Gene Sperling
Alex Graves
4 304 On the Day BeforeTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Paul Redford and Nanda Chitre
Christopher Misiano
5 305 War CrimesTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Allison Abner
Alex Graves
6 306 Gone QuietTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Julia Dahl and Laura Glasser
Jon Hutman
7 307 The Indians in the LobbyTeleplay by Allison Abner, Kevin Falls and Aaron Sorkin
Story by Allison Abner
Paris Barclay
8 308 The Women of QumarTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Felicia Willson, Laura Glasser and Julia Dahl
Alex Graves
9 309 Bartlet for AmericaAaron SorkinThomas Schlamme
10 310 H.Con - 172Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie
Vincent Misiano
11 311 100,000 AirplanesAaron SorkinDavid Nutter
12 312 The Two BartletsTeleplay by Kevin Falls and Aaron Sorkin
Story by Gene Sperling
Alex Graves
13 313 Night FiveAaron SorkinChristopher Misiano
14 314 Hartsfield's LandingAaron SorkinVincent Misiano
15 315 Dead Irish WritersTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Paul Redford
Alex Graves
16 316 The U.S. Poet LaureateTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Laura Glasser
Christopher Misiano
17 317 StirredTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin and Eli Attie
Story by Dee Dee Myers
Jeremy Kagan
18 319 Enemies Foreign and DomesticPaul Redford and Aaron SorkinAlex Graves
19 320 The Black Vera WangAaron SorkinChristopher Misiano
20 321 We Killed YamamotoAaron SorkinThomas Schlamme
21 322 Posse ComitatusAaron SorkinAlex Graves
22 Documentary SpecialA documentary special and not in-universe.