Season 4 was the fourth season of The West Wing. There were twenty-three episodes, the first of which aired on September 25, 2002, and the last on May 14, 2003. The fourth season was be the final season for creator Aaron Sorkin, executive producer/director Thomas Schlamme and actor Rob Lowe, who played Sam Seaborn.

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Walken Oath

Walken takes the oath of office

The campaign in full swing, Toby, Josh and Donna are left behind by the motorcade and, through a series of missteps, spend 20 hours getting back to D.C. And that's just the first of many challenges facing Bartlet and his staff.

The ramifications of the Bartlet administration's decision to assassinate Qumari Defense Minister Abdul Sharif start to become apparent, as Qumar seeks to use the death to accuse Israel and instigate hostilities.

Meanwhile, everyone is worried about the campaign, as Gov. Ritchie may wind up winning because the public has such low expectations of him, which he can only beat. Bartlet, on the other hand, has the reverse problem. It all comes down to a debate that Bartlet has to win, and win handily.

Sam, on the other hand, has problems of his own. He goes to California to persuade a congressional campaign manager named Will Bailey to end a campaign where the candidate has died. When Will refuses, Sam makes a promise to run should the late candidate win, which seems highly unlikely. Sam isn't counting on Will's brilliance, though, and he finds himself in sticky situation that may force him to leave the West Wing.

Finally, all hell breaks loose as Zoey, about to embark on a trip to France, is abducted by parties unknown. With the nation on high alert in wake of the kidnapping, Bartlet makes the most fateful decision of his presidency, and his fatherhood.


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# Title Writer Director Notes
1 401 20 Hours in America (Part I)Aaron SorkinChristopher Misiano
2 402 20 Hours in America (Part II)Aaron SorkinChristopher Misiano
3 403 College KidsTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Debora Cahn and Mark Goffman
Alex Graves
4 404 The Red MassTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie
Vincent Misiano
5 405 Debate CampTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by William Sind and Michael Oates Palmer
Paris Barclay
6 406 Game OnAaron Sorkin and Paul RedfordAlex Graves
7 407 Election NightTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by David Gerken and David Handelman
Lesli Linka Glatter
8 408 Process StoriesTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Paula Yoo and Lauren Schmidt
Christopher Misiano
9 409 Swiss DiplomacyEli Attie and Kevin FallsChristopher Misiano
10 410 Arctic RadarTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Gene Sperling
John David Coles
11 411 Holy NightAaron SorkinThomas Schlamme
12 412 Guns Not ButterEli Attie, Kevin Falls and Aaron SorkinBill D'Elia
13 413 The Long GoodbyeJon Robin BaitzAlex Graves
14 414 Inauguration (Part I)Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Michael Oates Palmer and William Sind
Christopher Misiano
15 415 Inauguration: Over There (Part II)Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by David Gerken and Gene Sperling
Lesli Linka Glatter
16 416 The California 47thTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Lauren Schmidt and Paula Yoo
Vincent Misiano
17 417 Red Haven's on FireTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Mark Goffman and Debora Cahn
Alex Graves
18 418 PrivateersTeleplay by Paul Redford, Debora Cahn and Aaron Sorkin
Story by Paul Redford and Debora Cahn
Alex Graves
19 419 Angel MaintenanceTeleplay by Eli Attie and Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie and Kevin Falls
Jessica Yu
20 420 Evidence of Things Not SeenTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie and David Handelman
Christopher Misiano
21 421 Life On MarsTeleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Paul Redford and Dee Dee Myers
John David Coles
22 422 CommencementAaron SorkinAlex Graves
23 423 Twenty-FiveAaron SorkinChristopher Misiano

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