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Season 5 of The West Wing aired on American television network NBC. It consisted of twenty-two episodes, the first of which aired on September 24, 2003 and the last on May 19, 2004.


Zoey Bartlet has been kidnapped. The President has relinquished office to a Republican Speaker of the House because the vacancy of Vice President had not been filled. After the crisis has been resolved, there is the selection of a new Vice President, the former Vice President’s tell all autobiography, the shutdown of the Federal government, the rescue of Social Security, a visit from the cast of Sesame Street, the selection of two new Supreme Court Justices and a fact finding mission to Gaza that rattles the Senior Staff to the core.


Stockard Channing as Abigail Bartlet
Dulé Hill as Charlie Young
Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg
Joshua Malina as Will Bailey
Janel Moloney as Donna Moss
Richard Schiff as Toby Ziegler
John Spencer as Leo McGarry
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman
and Martin Sheen as President Bartlet

Guest Cast[]


# Title Writer Director Notes
1 501 7A WF 83429 John Wells Alex Graves
2 502 The Dogs of War John Wells Christopher Misiano
3 503 Jefferson Lives Teleplay by Carol Flint
Story by Carol Flint and Debora Cahn
Alex Graves
4 504 Han Teleplay by Peter Noah
Story by Peter Noah, Mark Goffman and Paula Yoo
Christopher Misiano
5 505 A Constituency of One Teleplay by Eli Attie
Story by Eli Attie and Michael Oates Palmer
Laura Innes
6 506 Disaster Relief Teleplay by Alexa Junge
Story by Alexa Junge and Lauren Schmidt
Lesli Linka Glatter
7 507 Separation of Powers Paul Redford Alex Graves
8 508 Shutdown Mark Goffman Christopher Misiano
9 509 Abu el Banat Debora Cahn Lesli Linka Glatter
10 510 The Stormy Present Teleplay by John Sacret Young
Story by John Sacret Young and Josh Singer
Alex Graves
11 511 The Benign Prerogative Carol Flint Christopher Misiano
12 512 Slow News Day Eli Attie Julie Hébert
13 513 The Warfare of Genghis Khan Peter Noah Bill D'Elia
14 514 An Khe John Wells Alex Graves
15 515 Full Disclosure Lawrence O'Donnell Jr. Lesli Linka Glatter
16 516 Eppur Si Muove Alexa Junge Llewellyn Wells
17 517 The Supremes Debora Cahn Jessica Yu
18 518 Access Lauren Schmidt Alex Graves
19 519 Talking Points Eli Attie Richard Schiff
20 520 No Exit Teleplay by Carol Flint and Debora Cahn
Story by Carol Flint and Mark Goffman
Julie Hébert
21 521 Gaza Peter Noah Christopher Misiano
22 522 Memorial Day John Sacret Young and Josh Singer Christopher Misiano