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Simon Donovan was Secret Service agent who was assigned as a temporary protection detail for White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg, after she received e-mail death threats during the spring of 2002.


Donovan attended college on a military scholarship and served a number of years in the Army, after which he worked for the Chicago Police Department before joining the US Secret Service. He was on duty in Rosslyn during the attempted assassination of Charlie Young, being the one to shoot and kill would-be assassin Ray Beckwith.

In 2002 he was assigned to C.J. Cregg's protection detail after she received several threats. The two of them were at odds over the level of protection, but they eventually formed romantic feelings for each other. Shortly after C.J.'s stalker was apprehended, he was shot and killed in New York City while attempting to foil an armed robbery in a convenience store.


  • Donovan states that he attended college "basically on an Army scholarship" and is later seen wearing a West Point sweatshirt, indicating that it was his alma matter.
  • Robert Ritchie's dispassionate reaction to Donovan's death ("Crime...boy, I don't know") served as Bartlet's motivation to thoroughly defeat him in the 2002 election.


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