Tabitha Fortis was the United States Poet Laureate from 2003-2004.


Prior to recieving the post of Poet Laureate, Tabitha Fortis traveled to Banja Luka. There she witnessed a boy killed by a land mine he caught while fishing with his father. This would lead her to take a hard stance against the use of landmines.

During her tenure a dinner was planned in her honor, she decided to speak out against the United State's refusal to sign the landmine ban. Toby Ziegler attempted to persuade her otherwise but she rebuffed him. As Toby gave her a tour of the capitol she once again argued with Toby about landmines, this time pulling out evidence that she had researched. When Toby informed her that even if she made a statement at the dinner her cause would not be heard because the press would merely comment on her she left. While giving a lecture about poets who were too controversial to be named Poet Laureate she had a break down and Toby was called. She agreed to go to the dinner and asked if she could meet with the President to tell him what she saw, which Toby agreed to. (The U.S. Poet Laureate)

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