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Template:EpisodeNewTitleStory After the Supreme Court refuses to stay the execution of a Federal prisoner convicted of killing two drug kingpins, President Bartlet must decide whether or not to commute his sentence in less than 48 hours, so he calls upon his sagacious childhood priest for guidance. Meanwhile, even Toby feels the heat over the controversial issue when he hears a sermon on capital punishment from his rabbi. Elsewhere, a hearing-challenged, combative campaign manager begs for an audience with the President when her Democratic congressional candidate has purposely been underfunded by his party before the upcoming election to unseat an incumbent. [1]




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The small bible used by Karl Malden's character is the same one he used in On the Waterfront (1954). [2]

One of the subplots concerns Sam's obsession over the "Legal Tender Modernization Act", which aims at eliminating the penny. The act does exist and was actually introduced in May 2001 by Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe. The act also aims at withdrawing the Susan B. Anthony dollar from circulation, and prohibiting any redesign of the $1 bill. [3]

In the DVD commentary, it is mentioned that Allison Janney was very sick during the shooting and had trouble getting through one scene. Luckily her character was supposed to be very upset in that episode.[4]


Josh Lyman spits coffee down the front of his undershirt. However, in the next shot, there is a coffee stain on the front of the undershirt and a matching stain on the back, indicating that he clearly was not wearing it when the coffee spilled onto it. [5]

In the first season episode "Take this Sabbath Day", during Toby's discussion with his Rabbi, the Rabbi's arm position over the back of the pew changes repeatedly between shots. [6]


Rabbi Glassman: He asked me if I had any influence over Toby Ziegler. I told him clearly he hadn't spent any time with Toby Ziegler.


"The West Wing" Take This Sabbath Day (2000)

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