Taylor Reid is a cable news talk show host known for his abrasive style and his right-wing tendencies. He sparred with White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg on and off the air. He challenged her to appear on his show, and when she ignored him he publicly mocked her as "chicken". When she finally did appear, his rapid-fire questioning left her with little opportunity to respond.

Reid's on-camera behavior is sharply contrasted with his persona when the cameras are off. While filming the interview, he's hyperactive and confrontational with C.J. When they pause for a break, he's more relaxed and ingratiating.

In "Liftoff", Annabeth Schott claims that Reid is "this administration's most vocal and effective critic" and that he was "a barman with half a novel" before she transformed his look and career trajectory.

According to C.J. in "365 Days", Reid said that year's State of the Union speech was the President's finest. Toby brushed off the compliment, on the grounds that it was only because it was his last.

Behind the scenes

Taylor Reid was portrayed by Jay Mohr. It is thought that the character was based in part on real life political pundits like Bill O'Reilly.

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