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[[Category:Season 1|Crackpots and These Women, The]]
[[Category:Episodes|Crackpots and These Women, The]][[Category:Season 1|Crackpots and These Women, The]]

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Template:EpisodeNewTitle Josh is troubled when he receives a special card informing him of where to safely go in the event of a nuclear attack -- a privilege denied to most of his White House co-workers -- while Leo instructs the senior staff to meet with various special interest groups, some of whom have wacky agendas. Prior to an important press conference, Toby voices strong opposition to many of President Bartlet's plans for an upcoming California trip and later checks out the rumor that he was not the chief executive's first choice for the job. The President, meanwhile, virtually orders his staff to sample his prized chili when he arranges a reception for his Georgetown-bound daughter.




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This was the first "Big Block of Cheese Day" episode that the series aired.

Toby mentions that C.J. once called him a paranoid nudnik. "Nudnik" is a real word. It is Yiddish and means "someone who is a boring pest". [1]


Bartlet mentions that his daughter will be starting at Georgetown University soon and "is scouting for off-campus housing". Georgetown requires all first- and second-year undergraduates to live on-campus, providing an exception only if the student is married, over the age of 21, has dependents, or is living with his/her parents. [2]

Mandy tells Toby that he wasn't the first choice for the job of communications director and Toby later confirms this with CJ. Given that CJ, as press secretary, answers to the communications director, it is highly unlikely that she would have been in on the decision process. (edited from IMDB entry) [3]


President Bartlet: I hope that by the time were done with our four years here, well have seen to it that every young person who chooses can go to college and beyond, regardless of their economic status.... What will be the next thing that challenges us, Toby? That makes us work harder and go farther?... Here's to absent friends. And the ones who are here now.


"The West Wing" The Crackpots and These Women (1999)

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