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[[Category:Episodes|Short List, The]]
[[Category:Season 1|Short List, The]]

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Template:EpisodeNewTitleStory When a Supreme Court justice retires, President Bartlet has a golden opportunity to impact the court's composition by nominating a favorite judge -- but when further study reveals the candidate's conflicting ideology and cloudy social affiliations, the President might change his mind and opt for another judge. In addition, a headline-seeking congressman on the House Government Oversight Committee accuses the White House staff of substance abuse -- a dicey issue for one important member. [1]




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There are actually 3,300 full-time staff on the White House payroll, not 1,300 as CJ says.

Toby notes that Peyton Harrison is 55 but says he wants to know about any girls whom the Judge stood up for dinner in 1953. When he was just eight years old.


Josh Lyman: 5 white house staffers in the room....I'd like to say to the 1.6 of you who are stoned right now that it's time to share.

Sam Seaborn: 20s & 30s it was the role of government. 50s & 60s it was civil rights. The next 20 years it will be about privacy. The Internet. Cell phones. Health records. And who's gay and who's not. Besides, in a country born on the will to be free, what could be more fundamental than this?


"The West Wing" The Short List (1999)

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