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Bartlet must try to hold together a disintegrating situation between China and Russia over oil while his daughter gets married in the White House. Josh struggles with dwindling campaign funds and the necessary ad buys.


President Bartlet is called away from Ellie's wedding rehearsal when C.J. Cregg tells him three Russian military convoys are headed for the Kazakhstan border. Bartlet warns the ambassador of Russia to keep the Russian convoys from crossing the border, then Pakistan issues a statement that Chinese interference in Central Asia will not be tolerated. The Russian convoys stop, but no one knows whether they're refueling or pitching tents. Kate Harper goes to Will Bailey's office to take a look at the seating charts to make sure the Russians and Chinese aren't sitting together at the wedding, and she asks him to be her date to the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the Americans receive intelligence of increased military presence on both the Russian and Chinese borders. Bartlet makes the decision to prepare for an evacuation of the American base outside Ayaguz and dismisses the military advisers so he can speak with Vic Faison, who is intimidated by them but once alone insists he wanted to marry Ellie before she got pregnant.

Bartlet is called into the Situation Room after a riot breaks out in Alma Ata, and many of the casualties were ethnic Chinese. The Russian convoys have crossed the border, and the Chinese are mobilizing. Bartlet has a photo op with Santos before he gets on the phone with the Chinese Premier Lian. Lian refuses to back down or even stop his advance until Bartlet makes a personal appeal that he let him walk his daughter down the aisle. Lian agrees to the Chinese army will hold their position and they will resume talks in an hour.

The Santos campaign gets a surprise boost in the polls in Illinois, casting doubt on Josh Lyman's abilities as campaign manager since he made the decision to pull out of Illinois. At the wedding, Barry Goodwin and Senator Montgomery try to convince Matt Santos to replace Josh with Leo McGarry, but Leo says he would've made the same decisions. He tells Santos that Josh has taken him as far as he can; now, winning the presidential election is up to him.



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President Bartlett says at one point that "Russia and China are doing their little 'Sharks and Jets' routine in Central Asia." He is referring to the rival gangs in the stage musical and film West Side Story. [1]

Kristen Chenoweth appears in the church scenes towards the end of the episode, although she does not have a speaking role.


During the episode Ellie Bartlett meets with and receives a wedding gift from the Bermudian Ambassador. Bermuda is not a sovereign nation, but rather a British Overseas Territory. Bermuda therefore does not and has never operated overseas diplomatic missions and sends no ambassadors to any country, not even to the United Nations. Bermuda's international foreign affairs and representation are handled by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office by British ambassadors. Bermuda does however head a trade office in Washington D.C., headed by a 'Director', this is a non-diplomatic entity and is not covered by any diplomatic protections.



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