"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by Leo

The clear organization of the Republican Convention is making the Democrats look in disarray as the three candidates continue to battle for a clear Democratic Presidential nominee. Bartlet asks Leo to take control and organize the Democratic Convention. Meanwhile, the International Space Station has a leak and is losing oxygen which jeopardizes the lives of the three astronauts aboard and morality and mortality are examined.



Act I

Charlie walks to the White House.

Act II

Leo asks the President to resign.


The Vice President decides to withdraw from the primary campaign.

Act IV

A widow asks to speak at the Democratic Party Convention -- she turns out to be Donna's biological mother, causing her to leave politics forever.


Toby Ziegler: I actually can't think of anything as unspontaneous as a Republican National Convention.
Leo McGarry: Four nights of Swiss-watch precision.

Trivia / Goofs

  • During the briefing in the situation room Secretary of Defense Hutchinson explains to C.J. how Air Force Space Command maintains and operates the military communications and GPS satellites, but he incorrectly refers to it as Air Force Special Command.



Special Guest Stars

Guest Starring



"The West Wing" Things Fall Apart (2005)

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