"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by Leo

The clear organization of the Republican Convention is making the Democrats look in disarray as the three candidates continue to battle for a clear Democratic Presidential nominee. Bartlet asks Leo to take control and organize the Democratic Convention. Meanwhile, the International Space Station has a leak and is losing oxygen which jeopardizes the lives of the three astronauts aboard and morality and mortality are examined.



The Vice President, who is watching the Republican Convention, meets with Governor Baker to discuss the vice presidential spot on his ticket. In a bar, Will comes to meet with Josh to discuss the same - Russell is prepared to offer the spot to Santos.

At the White House, the Senior Staff is watching the convention as well.

Josh rushes back to the Congressman's hotel room and tells Matt and Helen that Russell is prepared to offer the spot to Santos if they release their delegates to Russell.

Act I

In the hotel room, Helen urges Matt to pass on the offer - they have all the momentum going into the convention and it lets Russell look like the front-runner. Santos asks Josh what he thinks, who tells him that he would be the front runner for the nomination in four years. They decide to think on it for a while.

In the Russell suite, the Vice President asks Will how it went. Will tells him they are thinking about it. They both turn to Donna to get some insight on Josh - what he may be telling the Congressman. She hedges - she's not really sure. The conversation turns to how things went with Baker and they decide that if Santos turns them down - they will go with Baker.

At the White House, C.J. is telling Charlie to put together a response to all the "Bartlet-bashing" that took place the previous night at the Republican Convention. Kate comes up to tell C.J. that a NASA administrator is waiting to speak to her - there is a problem with the Space Station, they are losing oxygen. C.J. gets a briefing on the Space Station - they will run out of oxygen in about three weeks. There is no rescue ready - the shuttle cannot be readied in time (the civilian shuttle) and the designated escape capsule is not working.

In the Oval Office, the President is meeting with the head of the Democratic National Committee. He is complaining to the President about the three candidates and the upcoming Democratic Convention. The DNC Chair urges the President to step in.

In the Santos suite, the Congressman, Ronna, and Josh are discussing the day's events. Josh wishes that he had thought to offer the VP slot to Russell first. Ronna points out that maybe they wanted someone better. They also discuss what John Hoynes may do in this scenario. The phone rings and it is Will checking in to see if Santos has made a decision yet.

C.J. tells the President about the situation on the Space Station and mentions the NASA Administrator alluded to a non-civilian shuttle - the President doesn't answer the question. He tells C.J. he wants constant updates.

Josh and Santos talk privately about the offer from Russell. Santos is inclined to accept, Josh thinks he should as well. But part of both of them thinks they may still be able to pull this out.

Act II


Act IV


Matthew Santos: Hey, it's getting real, isn't it?
Josh Lyman: Real as it gets.
Toby Ziegler: They're about as spontaneous as . . . I actually can't think of anything as unspontaneous as a Republican National Convention.
Leo McGarry: Four nights of Swiss-watch precision. We get a pie fight.

Trivia / Goofs

  • One of the first people we see addressing the Republican Convention is Congressman Darren Gibson, who was instrumental in the investigation into Leo McGarry's drug problems and alcoholism (H.Con 172).
  • During the briefing in the situation room Secretary of Defense Hutchinson explains to C.J. how Air Force Space Command maintains and operates the military communications and GPS satellites, but he incorrectly refers to it as Air Force Special Command.



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"The West Wing" Things Fall Apart (2005)

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