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"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by C.J.

The candidates are feeling the burden of the campaign trail as it gets down to the end. An interesting and unexpected twist gives Vinick an opportunity to damage the Santos campaign. Chicago Convention Center. Vinick shakes hands with crowd members. Bruno and Bob argue about Jane Braun's effectiveness. Vinick walks out on stage at a stop.


Vinick gets his hand checked. It might be a small break. Santos is introduced at the event Vinick spoke at. Toby calls Josh. They talk strategy until Toby tells Josh they can win the entire thing in California. Everyone in Vinick's senior staff argues with Jane.

Vinick insists on going to California.

Santos asks for his brief case. Staff realizes it's lost. Santos says to retrace their steps. Jane is on TV telling people Vinick is going to California. Toby tells Josh to spin the story against Vinick . Bruno found a briefcase and opens it. He tells Vinick it belongs to Santos, Bruno says what's in the case could make them win the campaign. Bruno mentions a checkbook with no address, monthly payment, and more. Bruno wants to exploit it but Vinick initially tells him to give the case to the Secret Service then tells him to keep it.

Vinick talks about nuclear energy at a press conference in California. He manages to put the accident to rest with the press. Vinick asked for five minutes with Santos to return the briefcase. They meet in a small room where Vinick puts the case on a chair. Vinick confronts Santos about the checks and tells Santos that he should tell the press about it. The press will find out so get ahead on this. Santos explains that his brother got Anita pregnant and left. Santos has been paying the child support.



Special Guest Stars[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Colette O'Connell as Ellen Trayers
  • Matthew J. Willig as Famous Athlete
  • Annie Morgan as Annie
  • Ken Michelman as Ted Zukoski
  • Lily Rains as Santos Aide #1
  • Danny Pudi as Santos Aide #2
  • Leith Burke as Agent
  • Anna Maganini as Fresno TV Anchor
  • Sunil Malhotra as Vinick Aide





"The West Wing" Two Weeks Out(2006)