Santos must face the challenge of visiting an African-American family in Los Angeles whose child was shot by a Latino police officer. CJ must manage a crisis between China and Kazakhstan. [1]


It's after the debate and Matt Santos has a better position than ever before. With some polls saying that 46% of the voters has a more favorable opinion of Santos than before the debate and 43% of all elligible voters are supporting him, things are beginning to look up. Then a 12-year-old is fired upon and killed by a police officer in Los Angeles. This becomes an even greater problem when it's revealed that the child was an African-American and the police officer was Latino.

Will Bailey is somewhat unsuccessful in helping Ellie Bartlet plan her wedding at the White House, while C.J. tries to deal with a potentially nuclear Chinese-Russian clash over oil in Kazakhstan.

Josh visits Toby's apartment twice; Toby doesn't think Santos has the resolve to be president.

Santos visits the kid's family, and the father is upset. He then visits a nearby church and is introduced by Leo. He gives a speech about compassion and "don't blame" which is rather well received.






"The West Wing" Undecideds (2005)
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