The United States Attorney General is the head of the US Department of Justice, chief law enforcer of the US Government.

In 1998 after Josiah Bartlet had won the election, he wanted to appoint Cornell Rooker to be his Attorney General, but later withdrew the nomination. ("Debate Camp")

Early in the Bartlet administration, an unnamed black Attorney General served, as mentioned by Leo in "A Proportional Response." This Attorney General is never referred to again.

President Bartlet later nominated Dan Larson, who served as United States Attorney General in 1999. ("Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics")

Larson later left his position, and by 2003 Alan Fisk was serving as US Attorney General. ("Abu el Banat")

Oliver Babish took over after Matt Santos was elected President.

List of Attorneys General

bartlet cabinet
Vice President   John HoynesBob Russell
Secretary of State   Lewis Berryhill
Secretary of the Treasury   Ken KatoKaren Browning
Secretary of Defense   Miles Hutchinson
Attorney General   Dan LarsonAlan Fisk
Secretary of the Interior   Bill Horton
Secretary of Agriculture   Roger Tribbey
Secretary of Commerce   Mitch Bryce
Secretary of Labor   Carl ReidJack Buckland
Secretary of Health and Human Services   Blieden
Secretary of Education   Jim Kane
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development   Deborah O'LearyBill Fisher
Secretary of Transportation   Keaton
Secretary of Energy   Ben ZaharianBill TrotterGerald Deloit
Secretary of Veterans Affairs   Weaver
White House Chief of Staff   Leo McGarryC.J. Cregg
Director of Central Intelligence   Rob KonradGeorge Rollie
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