About me

There is nothing special about my nickname. It is simply my intials and the address of a former residence.

I use the same nickname for a character I play in the MMORPG spoof called Kingdom of Loathing. I urge you to play this game, and join the in-game clan called Helper of Newbies as soon as you can.

My blog is at Voice in the Crowd. It has maybe 3 readers at most, but feel free to post your comments. Google ads were removed from it when I recommended that the few readers of it click on them so that I could generate enough revenue to donate money to the USO. I use Google as little as possible any more as a result, and I urge the rest of you to do the same.

"The West Wing" will always be my favorite TV show, and I hope to update the wiki entries until they are as complete as can be possible.

Netflix now carries all seven seasons of TWW - including the 3rd season documentary episode - on its instant streaming service. I can now pull up any episode I want to watch any time I want to watch it, on any internet connected device (choirs of angels sing "Ahhhh" in background). No more fishing through my DVD collection for the season I want.

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