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Main task

My main task, if I ever get around to it, is to remove as much as of the fan fiction as possible from this wiki, while trying to preserve pages and keep all the episode information available.

I am heavily involved in the "2010 Election Thread" at, which is a fan fiction endeavour to chronicle the West Wing universe's 2010 election in real-time, through newspaper articles and such. Some frequenters of that thread originally used that to "update" this wiki, thus causing the current predicament with increased fan fiction being added by various anons (it is mostly independent of that thread now). For that, I'm sorry.

Wiki size

There are easily more than 20,000 articles that could be made based on The West Wing universe, without having to resort to fanfic nonsense. Off the top of my head:

Production Articles
  • Series (The West Wing)
    • Seasons 1-7
      • Individual episodes
  • VHS?/DVD/Blu-Ray releases
  • Any other franchise media I'm unaware of. (I know there's a non-canon "conversation" written by Sorkin between Santos and Obama somewhere).
  • Production staff
    • Every actor
    • Every director, writer, producer
    • Every small-time production staff credited at some point in any episode
In-Universe Articles
  • Characters
    • Every Character credited by name in the series
    • Every Character mentioned by name in the series
    • Several uncredited characters (if not all) in the series
  • In-Universe concepts, events, and settings
    • Similar to Wikipedia, easily discernible events (like the elections, wars, battles) and all places (cities, buildings even) that are shown in the series probably could have a page
    • Other concepts, like organizations (political parties, caucuses), political titles, et cetera.

Main Characters and Cast on the West Wing

Cast List

Reps and Senators to be confirmed

From Wikipedia, I took out all the information to help confirm them by name.



Representative Party State District Years Up for election? Other info Episode(s) cited
Will Bailey Democrat Oregon 4th District 2009 2010 "Backbencher" on the Ways and Means Committee in 2009 Tomorrow; The Ticket
Josiah Bartlet Democrat New Hampshire ?? ?? (pre-1991, post-1971) left House by 1991 Served only three terms (6 years) Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc; The Midterms
Jim Hohner Republican Illinois ?? prior to 1997-2003 retired in 2003 Speaker of the House from 1997-2003 War Crimes; 7A WF 83429
Matthew Santos Democrat Texas 18th District 2001-2007 Member of the Ways and Means Committee (2005-2007) Did not run in 2006 (ran and won Presidency) The Debate (source for "18th District" still unfounded)




Senator Party State Class Years Up for election? Other info Episode(s) cited
August Adair Democrat 2003 Considered for Vice President in 2003 Jefferson Lives
Aiello Democrat 2000 20 Hours in L.A.
Bennett Democrat North Carolina 2002 Game On
Sarah Brainerd Democrat 2004 Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee in 2004 Slow News Day
Calvin Bowles Democrat Kentucky Class I 2006 2006 Internal Displacement



Off the top of my head, the fifteen main character's families:
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