Dr. Victor "Vic" Faison was a scientific researcher and the husband of Dr. Ellie Faison and son-in-law to Josiah Bartlet.


Vic was a scientific researcher who specialized in Fruit Flies, this led to his in-laws to refer to him as "The Fruit Fly Guy." He took Ellie on a hike and proposed to her in the solitude (with the exception of her Secret Service detail). After the proposal the two informed the President and First Lady at the White House, where it was revealed that Ellie was actually pregnant. This caused the wedding to be scheduled before the election rather than after it. (Here Today)

President Bartlett arranges to meet his future son-in-law such that before hand he is surrounded by high ranking military officials; to C.J. Cregg's amusement. He tries to give a talk to Vic and eventually asks him to confirm that he is marrying Ellie because he loves her and not due to the pregnancy. Where Vic responds that he decided to marry Ellie on their third date. Bartett retorts asking what was wrong with the first two (The Wedding).

While C.J. Cregg was supposed to help plan their wedding the rising conflict in Kazakhstan forced her to hand over the arrangements to Will Bailey. With the 740 guests that had to be invited for political reasons caused Vic to breakdown. At the wedding there where several delays due to President Bartlet's negotiations with China and Russia, however the wedding was able to happen as planned. (Undecideds, The Wedding)


Season 7

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