Vinick/Sullivan Moving America Forward is the 2006 presidential campaign for the Republican Party. Its candidate was Senator Arnold Vinick from California, and his running mate was Governor Ray Sullivan of West Virginia. In the Republican Primary, the campaign was known as "Vote Vinick."


One hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States under a new and unfamiliar political banner: he called himself a Republican. In the years since, the Republican Party has followed in Lincoln's footsteps, striving to fulfill his vision for our country. Today, Americans live united and free. We are all guaranteed equal rights and the opportunity to pursue our dreams.

Like Lincoln, I believe that the foundation of our nation is the individual. Each person's freedom, dignity, ability and responsibility must be honored. Perhaps most importantly, I maintain that the best government is that which governs least.

The presidential election is fast approaching, and after eight years, the country is ready for a change. I am counting on you to help me achieve my positive and pragmatic agenda for America.

I need your support on election day to bring about the change that Americans deserve. Reignite the Republican Party by sending this e-mail to your friends, family, and colleagues – together, we can succeed and take back the White House.

Campaign Staff

  • Arnold Vinick - Presidential Candidate
  • Ray Sullivan - Vice Presidential Candidate
  • Sheila Brooks - First Campaign Manager
  • Jane Braun - Second Campaign Manager
  • Bob Mayer - Communications Director and Speechwriter
  • Bruno Gianelli - Independent Consultant
  • Annie - Campaign Staffer and Secretary to Senator Vinick
  • Leon Montero - Former Senior Campaign Staffer and California Manager to Senator Vinick
  • Sean- Campaign Staffer (working under Bob Mayer)
  • Dan - Campaign Staffer


An agenda that strengthens our borders, secures our nation, and protects our homeland.

An agenda that enhances our economy and creates new jobs for hardworking Americans via entrepreneurship and opportunity.

An agenda that offers every American the chance to own a home and to start a small business.

An agenda that raises standards in our schools, provides resources to our classrooms, and gives children the opportunity to fulfill their potential by allowing families to choose between private and public schooling.

An agenda that gives every American access to an affordable health plan and a sensible retirement plan.[1]

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