The White House Counsel advises the President of the United States on all legal issues concerning the President and the White House.

Leo McGarry
"If I were to stand on high ground in Key West with a good pair of binoculars, I would be as informed as I am right now." - Leo McGarry

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List of Notable White House CounselsEdit

Image Counsel Party Timeline Served Under Source
Cochran circa January 20, 1999 Josiah Bartlet Bad Moon Rising
Gates circa 1999/2000 Bad Moon Rising
Solomon circa 1999/2000 Bad Moon Rising
Lionel Tribbey Lionel Tribbey Democratic 20002001 And It's Surely to Their Credit; Bad Moon Rising
2WESaz00cc Oliver Babish Democratic 2001 — November 2006 Bad Moon Rising; Requiem
Glen Allen Walken
Josiah Bartlet
Ainsley Hayes Ainsley Hayes Republican January 20, 2007 — present Matt Santos Requiem


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