❝ In a triumph of the middling, a nod to mediocrity, and with gorge rising... ❞

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Toby Ziegler

Winifred Hopper is an intern for the GAO. She is nineteen years old as of 2001 and has a love of reading. She is initially seen bringing in reports to Sam Seaborn from the GAO. While there, she begins to question Sam on why he had decided to eliminate a report without being clear on what was in it. During this exchange, it’s revealed she’s read all 400 hundred reports on the table in the room because anyone can and they let her come early and leave late. The exchange also reveals she’s a good debater, as she can go head-to-head with Sam and convinces him to change his mind, though that doesn’t seem to be too hard. After their debate, Sam is impressed and tells Winifred (though he calls her Winnie, to her dismay) that once she graduates she should come find him for a job. She seems to consider this because he’s a good writer and not a complete jackass, but then she tells him that when she graduates he should come see her for a job.

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