Xander Berkeley played Franklin Hollis in Institutional Memory. He is perhaps best known for playing George Mason on the first two seasons of 24 and can currently be seen in a starring role on Nikita.

He has also starred in a number of films in supporting roles, including Sid & Nancy, The Fabulous Baker Boys (with Gregory Itzin), Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Rookie (with Tom Skerritt), Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men (with Joshua Malina and Ron Ostrow), Leaving Las Vegas (with Emily Procter and Thomas Kopache), Heat (with William Fichtner), The Rock (with John Spencer and Philip Baker Hall), Apollo 13 (with Chris Ellis and Thom Barry), Air Force One (with Glenn Close, Tom Everett, Baker Hall and Glenn Morshower), Gattaca, Amistad (with Austin Pendleton, Harry Groener and Daniel von Bargen, North Country, Taken and Kick-Ass'.

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